Individual Coaching

Individual coaching options are billable on an hourly or per diem basis, although the best pricing option is available by selecting one of the three packages described in more detail below.

Individual Packages: (N.B.  Packages can be tailored to the particular needs and preferences of clients.  EQ i 2.0 assessments can be added for an additional cost).


Coaching Hours Provided



Job Search Boot Camp 5 Job seekers
Older and younger workers
Persons returning to work from leave
$500 + HST
The First Ninety Days 3 Newly hired employees $250 + HST
You’ve Been Promoted. Now What? 3 Newly promoted employees $250 + HST


For those who may be considering Career or Executive Coaching, are reluctant to make a substantive commitment, but are interested in gaining insights on how to progress in their career, one option is a program we call “Leading with Emotional Intelligence”.  For $259 + HST you receive the following based on your completion of an EQ i 2.0 Assessment:

  • A report of your EQ i 2.0 assessment detailing your results including areas of strength and development;
  • A one hour de-brief and explanation of your EQ i 2.0 results;
  • A half hour discussion on how you can develop an action plan for future improvement.